A Definition of Diakonia

The Diakonia program was started in the Grand Canyon Synod as a means to train and develop lay persons to assist rostered leaders in doing the work of the church. This national program is rooted in faith formation and shaped by the local Synod. It is a means to enhance discipleship through a 2 year educational process which increases biblical knowledge and Lutheran understanding and also provides opportunities for exploring spiritual disciplines and practices. The program also encourages self examination which helps students discern what God is calling them to do personally as members of the body of Christ.


What does Diakonia do the for student and graduate

With its emphasis on “freely-responsible servanthood the Diakonia program seeks to train leaders who are capable of handling the many diverse and ever evolving situations the Christians of today encounter on a daily basis. The Grand Canyon Synod Diakonia program is a means to prepare lay leaders in changing times to support the mission of the church with wisdom and understanding in accordance with our Lutheran understanding of who God is and how God works. The Diakonia program seeks to expand the preparation and abilities of lay leaders so that they can partner with rostered leaders and support the local church.

Graduates receive the basic training to teach confirmation, lead adult bible studies, organize welcoming and outreach efforts and become social justice advocates. Towards that end, the Diakonia program provides training in these core courses, which are taught by rostered leaders in the church:

Old and New Testament
Lutheran Confessions with emphasis on creeds, confessions, Book of Concord and Means of Grace
Lutheran Theology including what is theology, how to apply it and specific Lutheran theology
Early Church History with emphasis on early church leaders
Early Lutheran American Church History including the development of modern day synods
Christian Ethics
Practical Ministry including visitation, roles and functions of the synod and Evangelical Church in America, basic preaching and worship planning